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On CNC-controlled lathes, we manufacture parts of the highest precision. Drawing on our extensive experience, we aim to fully meet your quality standards. Our lathes also allow for milling operations, optimizing the manufacturing process for many components. We process turned parts with a maximum diameter of 350 mm and a length of up to 500 mm. Conventional turning operations are possible up to a length of 1250 mm.

Precision in Rotation

Discover the revolutionary world of CNC turning, where precision meets efficiency at the highest level. Immerse yourself in advanced technology that redefines manufacturing processes and produces products of the highest quality.


Whether highly complex or straightforward, whether individual components or small series – the expertise of our staff, applied on our CNC-controlled milling centers, is a guarantee of the highest quality.

We also handle programming in CAD/CAM, gladly based on your CAD data. Our milling centers allow for 3-, 4-, & 5-axis machining with dimensions up to bis X = 1000 mm, Y = 700 mm und Z = 500 mm

Versatile Forming

Experience the perfection of CNC milling, where materials become masterfully crafted products. Explore the versatility of this advanced technology, elevating precision and efficiency in manufacturing to a new level.


With our flat and cylindrical grinding machines, you not only achieve the desired surface quality but also customized shapes and precise edges. This technology enables efficient processing of workpieces with outstanding accuracy, ranging from small components to larger parts. Explore the world of fine grinding, where precision meets perfection.

Additionally, we have the capability to hone boreholes and achieve desired surfaces through manual polishing.

Fine Grinding in Perfection

Immerse yourself in the world of CNC grinding, where materials are refined with the highest precision and surface quality. Explore the advanced technology that brings out the finest details with unparalleled accuracy.

Quality Assurance

In our fully equipped and air-conditioned measuring room, we ensure the dimensional accuracy of your products using various measuring machines.

Quality Ensures Jobs

Meticulously crafted with the highest precision, our products undergo rigorous quality assurance to ensure excellent performance and reliability in demanding applications.